Andrew Miller


It is my goal to help people realize simply how incredible the human body is and to allow them to view exercise (particulalry yoga) and diet as a way to both treat and prevent disease.

Andrew I. Miller is an Assistan Professor at the Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College.  He teaches courses on General Biology, Human Physiology and Cadaver Based Anatomy. In addition, he is a Doctoral Candidate at Arizona State University studying the the effects of novel therapies such as Rewind Yoga on motor control, physical function, and muscle health.  He is also performing research on optimal methods to assess balance in middle aged and older adults.  Andrew has published his research in peer reviewed journal and has presented research at national and international conferences.  Working with Ymedica, Andrew and collegues at Arizona State Unviersity have published a preliminary study on the effects of Rewind Yoga on Physical Function (currenlty in press) with very positive results.  Given the results of the preliminary study, a second study was perormed using a more rigorous, randomized control trial design on the effects of Rewind Yoga on Physical Function, Balance and Pain.  The results from this study are promising and will start being presented at research conferences in November 2016 and will likley lead to multiple peer reviewed publication after.